Hi and welcome Homeowners! Do you want to extend or improve your home?  Want to ensure you get the most value for money and as pain free as possible?

Most people consider extending their home as soon as they buy or when their family grows and there simply isn’t enough space any more.  In either scenario it’s a time when you have the least amount of time to focus on it.

We are specialist extension builders throughout Gloucestershire.  Whether you need extra space for a bedroom, home office, studio, storage or a swimming pool; we can build it quicker and more cost effectively than anyone else.

We undertake every aspect from design to groundworks right through to decoration and landscaping.   This means that the headache of integrating all aspects of your project is managed by us.

Ensuring that your property is extended to the highest of standards you will be confident that the maximum value will be reached, obtaining the highest insulation values to keep your house warm.

Call now for an informal chat, we are only too pleased to offer the best advice to get you started.


The pictures below are from a studio extension in Bisley, near Stroud.  Our price beat all of the competition but we didn’t compromise on quality and the property is now, clearly, a very desirable home.