This ambitious project was designed to provide an additional 6m x 8m room to be used as a studio with wash and steam room.  The weather was a challenge with persistent rain coming once the tiles were removed.  The solution was to temporarily tank the roof space which proved to be far more cost effective than full enclosure scaffolding.

The existing roof tiles were re-used and left over tiles were sold to another project just up the road to be re-used.  The wood effect cladding is a sustainable material made from recycled composite fibres which will never need to be treated and provides additional insulation and weather proofing.

The wooden frame construction allowed for a lot of insulation to be used between and over the rafters with the ceiling being sprayed with insulating foam creating a ‘warm roof’.  With the combination of spray foam and insulation board the roof is sealed provides a healthy addition to the overall ‘U’ value for the entire house.

Further pictures will follow to show the finished space and steam room.